How-to #1

Install a localised version of Coreblog

I have prepared two localised versions of Coreblog, in Spanish and in Basque. To run them, you need:

  • Coreblog (tested with version 1.0.1).
  • Localizer (tested with version 0.61b).

Get those products installed on a Zope instance. Then, you can proceed.

1. Download the eu-i18n.zexp file (we'll install the Basque version in this example).

2. Create a given Coreblog object on your Zope server. Add some categories and trial messages.

3. Go to the Contents tab of your Coreblog, and delete or rename the Modules folder.

4. In the Contents tab, click the skins folder, and inside that, import the eu-i18n.zexp file.

5. Go to the skins tab of your Coreblog and change skin, choose eu-i18n

6. That's it. It will look like this trial

Additional notes

  • if you have already a previosly working coreblog, if you install this skin your modules organization and the css style sheet will be substituted. You should save previously your customization work, and after installing the new skin, re-arrange the modules section and the style sheet.
triblog (trilingual interface skin)
eublog (basque skin)
esblog (spanish skin)

Luistxo's blog:This is different, it's my personal blog with some localised content management, not just localised interfaces.
How-To #1 Install a localised version of Coreblog
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