29 April

Coreblog localised or so-so

My own blog i18n experiment

I have advanced in my i18n / l10n attempts with Coreblog.
I have released my localised 'skin' as a series of zexp files.

This attempt needs Localizer, first of all, http://www.localizer.org
If you have Localizer installed, then you can proceed.

I have released my localised 'skin' as a series of zexp files. Importing
that folder... then, you change the skin and there it is. I have also
released some notes so others can localize it in other languages. As a
matter of fact, it's not more work than translating some 60 or so strings
in a .po file.
Look here to check .po files: http://www.tumatxa.com/intl/ZTMX/coreblog

Instalation how-to's an the zexp files, here:

A localised Coreblog looks like

https://manterola.org/familia/luistxo/coreblog/esblog in Spanish, or
https://manterola.org/familia/luistxo/coreblog/triblog with language
change in the interface

Of course, this is nothing more than a personal attempt. I hope Atsushi and
the people at Webcore will face one day the i18n of the original product.
Without that, sustainability of l10n efforts is difficult. I must also say
that I am no techie at all. I just have some user experience with Zope, and
also have some ideas about i18n and l10n.

At least I tried to follow the clear and standard way that Localizer
provides for l10n: a string repository following the Gettext methodology,
logic locale-issues stored in particular folders...

A disclaimer: I tried to provide the original default style_css styles
sheet with these skins of mine, but the graphic output didn't look the same
as in the original (I don't know why). So, the skins come with a slightly
modified skin, partly copied (fonts and other things) from Tom Lazar's
coreblog at http://www.tomster.org/blog>Tomster.org

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