22 June

The English Cemetery has moved

Luistxo's blog now resides in another website. New URL: www.eibar.org/blogak/luistxo/en.

New URL for the feed: www.eibar.org/blogak/luistxo/en/rdf10_xml.

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15 June

Tim Foster's blog at Sun Microsystems: Thoughts on language, translation and tools

Sharing translation resources, tm tools... interesting topics. A search at Bloglines.com led me to this blog, written by Tim Foster at Sun. Now he's subscribed at my account at Bloglines (although the code of the RSS feed looks odd at Bloglines, there must be some error). I suppose the Tumatxa project (sharing translation memories on the web) could be of interest for this guy. But obviously, at our a small Basque company we may be working on the same field, but we're certainly on a very different scale.

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10 June

Trackback URLs not to be clicked

A friend posts in a list that he would like Googlebot not to click on the
trackback URL's offered by his blog.
I think that TB Url's are not to be clicked, neither by humans nor by robots.
They're just to be copied by bloggers to paste them into their own posts.
In this Coreblog of mine I touched the templates to let the TBping URL
appear in a
"text input" field. I feel like it's easier to copy a line of text when
it's in an input field like

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27 May

Gmane discussion about RSS feeds for mailing lists

Yahoogroups, Google Groups 2 Beta, Mail-archive.com and Mailbucket, all offering feeds for web-archived mailing-lists

Gmane. A great resource. They arhive mailing lists, and offer that content as searchable web pages or Usenet newsgroups. It's creator Lars is weighing the possibility to offer also RSS feeds, but he doesn't seem much convinced...

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17 May

bye bye Movable Type, hello Coreblog

The big affair with Movable Type, its new licenses and pricing structure, has ignited a debate in Internet. Many are weighting alternatives to MT to migrate their blogs to a free open environment... I think it could be a good moment to publicize Coreblog.

Here there are a couple of table comparisons for people willing to leave MT: one , two

Coreblog doesn't appear at those comparisons. Well, I leave this point here for comment... Maybe Atsushi at Webcore will take note.

If Coreblog had more users, we'd have a stronger community, and a stronger product as well.

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