27 May

Gmane discussion about RSS feeds for mailing lists

Yahoogroups, Google Groups 2 Beta, Mail-archive.com and Mailbucket, all offering feeds for web-archived mailing-lists

Gmane. A great resource. They arhive mailing lists, and offer that content as searchable web pages or Usenet newsgroups. It's creator Lars is weighing the possibility to offer also RSS feeds, but he doesn't seem much convinced...

After seeing the way another list archiving system, Mailbucket, uses to provide feeds (example feed for list ASRG ), Lars from Gmane says:

> Hm. I had imagined presenting excerpts or something, but these are > full mails. Does anybody really read mail in this manner? It seems > really... odd. >

My own opinion, was posted at Gmane.discuss and here it goes:

Yahoo provides the first 100 characters (quoted text left aside) of Yahoo Group messages in its almost hidden rss feed. Check this example for instance.

Mail-archive.com offers no content in its feed, just the title line as this example for coreblog-en. That is a Mailman list that actually is being archived also at Gmane

I feel the YG feed is better than Mailbucket's and that Mailbucket's is better than Mail-archive.com's

However, the feeds provided by Google Groups 2 Beta are the best.

Each GoogleGroups 2 Beta has two feeds, one message per message, the other for threads. I would love Gmane to provide such a double feed. As a matter of fact, our basque Mailman mailing list being channeled to Gmane ( here ) and it is also being stored at Google Groups 2 Beta, just to provide another channel for potential readers:

This way, thanks to Mailman, Gmane and Google Groups 2 Beta we offer potential users all channels available from our archive page

And yes, there's people reading mailing lists through feed-readers...

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