22 March

First trials with Coreblog

towards a multilingual coreblog

First trials with Coreblog

These are my first trials with Coreblog.

Technical purposes:

  1. to transform this weblog into a multilingual blog using Localizer, that nice Zope product. An approach may be passing the locales as a category, that's way there are 3 categories on this blog: eu (basque), es (spanish) and en (you know). I hope to advance little by little.
  2. produce a localised basque version of Coreblog. Or something like that.

Personal purposes:

  1. publish and collect in a single place things I post for several lists and websites in different languages.
  2. experiment with mailing-list and blogging integration. There's a veteran Basque mailing list that I love, Eibartarrak, and I feel like it needs to evolve towards blogging and XML Feeds and maybe the semantic web of the future...

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23 March

Moblog problems at Zettai

The moblog feature seems to work, but not when attaching a picture. This blog at manterola.org is hosted on Zettai.net as for the POP email account, I have tried with a manterola.org address, also served by Zettai, as well as with another external POP account.

In both cases, messages without attachments go finely into the blog. But not when attaching a picture, this error raises:

Error Type: IndexError Error Value: list index out of range

Another difference. To moblog from the zettai-based email account, I have to select the APOP option in the settings. In the non-zettai email account, it doesn't work with APOP. I had to unselect it.

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29 March

Larry Trask has died

A great linguist, a friend of our language, Basque

I've just known that Larry Trask died last Saturday. I know how much he liked to take part in sci.lang and I decided to post this here. Seems he was very ill since time ago, but every time he felt OK he used to write here and there, always with interesting points.

I knew Trask by email from the time of Basque-L, probably the first Basque resource of Internet. He was very much appreciated among Basque internet users. His work, History of Basque, is brilliant.

posted to sci.lang

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Corebloggers of the World, unite and take over!

New Coreblog-en mailing list created for intl' users

Some emails exchanged with Klaus-san have led to the creation of Coreblog-en, the English-lanaguage mailing list for Corebloggers.

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30 March

How to convert a Coreblog into the archive of a mailing-list

Using Mailman and the moblog feature of Coreblog

Use the moblog feature of Coreblog to archive a mailing-list. I used Mailman for the following example, and tested it at Zettai Zope hosting.

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